Weekly News – 26/01/2021

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! Guess what? We are currently on a [4] weeks on-time streak. As per usual, today’s news will be kinda short, mainly because I’ve had a lot to do this week and I couldn’t get as much work done as I would’ve liked. Last time, I said I’d probably be able to […]

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Weekly News – 19/01/2021

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! I’m still on time! We are currently on a [3] weeks on-time streak. Today’s news are going to be rather short, as I don’t have anything really interesting to let you know about. All I have to say though is that I’m still hard at work and despite having exams coming […]

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Weekly News – 12/01/2021

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! I’m on time! We are currently on a [2] weeks on-time streak. As I said last week, I am back on track and I’ve been hard at work for the past week. I am happy to say that I’ve managed to get quite a lot of work done on the game! […]

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Weekly News – 05/01/2021

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! First news of the year, let’s go! And I’m on time on top of that. Let’s see how long I can last before I post late news, yeah? I hope you all enjoyed the end of year celebrations, but 2021 finally came and that means we’re back to work! At least, […]

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