Weekly News – 24/11/2020

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! And I’m on time. I can confirm that writing my news on Tuesdays is much easier for me, so that’s what I’m going to do from now on. Time for the news! Let me start with the obligatory “Still in lockdown”. It’s supposedly going to last until December 1st, but we […]

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Weekly News – 17/11/2020

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! I’m starting to think I’m going to publish the news on Tuesdays from now on. It’s easier for me, since I generally have quite a bit of work on Mondays. Pretty sure I’ll post on Wednesdays once I’ll have officially changed the news to Tuesdays, though. And now, time for the […]

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Weekly News – 10/11/2020

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! And… I’m late once again. I wanted to post yesterday, but since I was on my desktop PC and I didn’t have any builds to launch, I couldn’t make my weekly screenshots. Which makes me think at this rate, you’ll have seen the entire game through screenshots. Just kidding, of course. […]

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Weekly News – 03/11/2020

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! I’m a day late as usual. I’ll admit the news haven’t been in my top priorities for the past few weeks. As I keep saying, times are tough and it’s hard to keep up with everything. France went under lockdown again, and that paradoxically means I have even more work than […]

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Weekly News – 21/10/2020

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! I’m almost three days late, and I’m really sorry about it. Things have been really hard to handle, as I keep saying, and they’re not really getting any better. I’m doing fine personally, but as a whole, this entire coronavirus situation is making life a bit harder on a personal and […]

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Weekly “News” – 12/10/2020

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! As you can see from the image above  (credits to Alluka+), I’m terribly sorry about what’s gonna come after this. No, the game isn’t cancelled, but I won’t be able to work on it for a good week. The reason behind that? My laptop charger decided to give up on me. […]

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