Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

This is it, big day! Not the release of the Visual Novel, that’s for later, but the release of our brand new website!
There’s quite a bunch of new features we worked on, and we’re glad to finally release this new website. Since CykaDev is growing more and more everyday, we wanted our website to reflect the improvement too!

Let me just make a quick list of the major changes you’ll find here;
– We now have a news section (You’re in it right now!)
– You can create a CykaDev account (Yup, its only purpose is to comment on dev logs, but I’ll probably add some more neat features later)
– There’s a shop! Right now we only have CykaDev merch, but more will be coming with the release of the VN
– The game pages have been updated! They look better and honestly, the downloads are just organized better!
– There’s a live Twitter and Instagram feed on the website (I don’t know if you even care, but hey, that’s pretty cool)

So yeah, doesn’t sound like much, but that’s still a big update for the website! Thanks for checking it out, and stay tuned for the next weekly news… As they’ll all be released here from now on! I will of course be announcing them on all social media, as usual, but it’ll make me stop making 30 versions of the same announcement everytime.


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