Weekly News – 20/04/2021

Hiya, I’m CykaDev! As you may have noticed, I went missing for two weeks. Well, if you followed our Twitter and our Discord server, you’ll know I was still alive and well. I actually told everyone I wasn’t going to post for two weeks. The reason behind this two-week break was that I simply couldn’t […]

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Weekly News – 30/03/2021

Hi everyone, I’m CykaDev! Alright so hear me out, I am technically on time. Somewhere in the world right now, I am on time. But not here, because it’s 00:01 at the moment and I was one minute late. What a disappointment. More seriously, I kinda missed writing the news! The past two weeks haven’t […]

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Weekly News – 24/03/2021

Hi everyone, I’m CykaDev. I have a one day delay that, I’ll admit, was totally on purpose. That’s simply because I wanted to finish the day I was working on before writing the news, else I’d have nothing remotely interesting to say. So I can start these news by saying I’m done with Day 8 […]

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Weekly News – 17/03/2021

Hi everyone, I’m CykaDev. I apologize for the delay, once again. I’ve been accumulating exhaustion and I’ve had a tough time catching up, so here I am one day late. The classic. I’m going to start off by saying that I sadly could not finish the day I was working on last week. As I […]

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Weekly News – 09/03/2021

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! I’m on time for the first time in a while. Today’s been a tough day, but I still wanted to deliver the news. I’ll preface this by saying this week’s news aren’t going to be the most interesting. I did get a lot of work done, but other than proofreading, there’s […]

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Weekly News – 04/03/2021

Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev! And I’m late, once again! Nothing’s right anymore, I am not respecting my schedule… The golden age is over and now we’re just– Who cares? I’m just two days late. 🙂 Anyway, I won’t reiterate all the stuff I keep saying, but I’ve had a lot to do IRL so I […]

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