Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

You know, yesterday, I noticed I hadn’t posted news in two weeks. I think it’s actually the first time I genuinely forgot about a post… So my apologies for not posting last week! There’s no excuse, I really just… Forgot.

Good news, though. I’m finally on break! Exams are over, I have a good one month break from uni, and although I do have to work to make money (and fund a little project I have for CykaDev), I have A LOT more time to get to work on Seikatsu! I’m super excited to work harder and better on the writing.

As I keep saying, it’s going extremely well and I can see the end of it. I’ve been saying this for quite a while, but you’ll notice that I’m basically sure of it nowadays! I left the easiest “route” for the end, and I have about three days left in the current route. Progress has been slow this week, but since tomorrow’s my ACTUAL break day (I have no work. At all. I can wake up at five and work until three the next morning if I want to.), I‘ll be able to get a shit ton of work done. I expect February to be a productive month! Who knows, if I’m productive enough, I might even finish the writing before March arrives... (Don’t quote me on this one, I know myself, it might not be the case).

Let’s stop the chit-chat here and get straight to the point: the stats.

We currently have 1.581.000 words for about 327.000 lines. I’m a bit disappointed by these, but I know quantity != quality. To hell with it, I’ll just have to do my absolute best for the upcoming months!


Today’s info is shorter than usual, but notable nonetheless. Our protagonist isn’t a he… But a she! Most people seemed to assume our MC was going to be a male, but I never confirmed that. Now you know! Kinda makes sense when you consider the fact that all my previous content was written from a female POV. Forget about the lift club, though.

This is it for this week! I hope this was enough to satisfy you, and I promise I’ll be back next week. I will not forget. Not again.

See you next week, and stay awesome!

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