Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

Yeah, yeah, I know, the news are one day late. As always I really apologize, I’ve been sick since Saturday and it’s been hell to keep up. I went to sleep really early yesterday, hence the fact that I couldn’t post these news.

Well, well, well… What’s new this week?

I would be tempted to say “a lot” but I wouldn’t be able to explain everything, so I’ll try to keep these news short and efficient.

There will be no statistics this week. Indeed, when I say that a lot has happened, I just mean that the way I work and my schedule is going to be totally different. There have been some unforeseen conditions that I hadn’t taken into consideration. Well, since this is our first huge project, it was to be expected. Don’t panic, though! Nothing bad, just something that requires me to re-adapt my schedule.

I can’t share much about the way I’m going to work from now on as I’m honestly not too sure either, but keep in mind one thing: there will be little to no delay in our final work, as I will personally be making sure that we keep those to a minimum. Work doesn’t scare me, and I want to get this game in your hands as soon as we’re satisfied with it. It’s a promise!

Now, Concrete Information Corner! Because even though we have no statistics, we still want some concrete information. This week isn’t going to be about a character, but rather about some context. I hope you guys are slowly putting the pieces together to try and get a clearer vision of the game! Week after week, I’ll try to make things clearer in order to eventually reveal the title (if you haven’t found it already) and the general idea of the VN.

Basically, what we wanted to achieve with this VN is to create a game that doesn’t follow the usual guidelines that define a visual novel. This has been brought up quite a bit in the CykaDev Youtube channel videos, and I’ll repeat it again: we hate stereotypes. This game aims to be a true slice of life, in which you get to be in someone else’s shoes, and make choices that you would be forced to do in real life. What we’re really aiming for is a degree of reality that can be understood by most people, while still telling a heartfelt story that’ll hopefully make you think.

And here we go! I’ll try to make the news normal on Sunday. Hopefully, six days will be more than enough to adapt and overcome.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll spend a wonderful week.

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