Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

One day late as usual. To think the news used to be released on Sundays… I might just change it to Tuesdays, since I obviously post them one day late all the time. But that means I’d probably post them on Wednesdays. There’s some kind of curse, I’m sure.

As usual, I’m sending positive vibes your way! I know we’re almost done with our quarantine here in France, but I also know the situation’s tough for a lot of other people in the world… I hope everything’s okay for you all!

Anyway, about the game itself… I don’t think you’ll be too surprised about today’s news, since they’re going to be about the same as last week, and probably the same as next week. My apologies about that, but despite the repetitive nature of these news, I really want to keep you updated on what we’re doing and how far we are. As of now, I’ve re-read all the files up to the middle of Day 4. Now, keep in mind the first 7 days are the hardest to re-read, since there’s a lot of content (the routes being more specific, there are less alternatives to the scenes. If that makes sense).

Sakura will be starting the actual proofreading (because I’m not really proofreading, am I?) soon, so I hope we’ll be able to share some news about that next week!

I think that’s it for these news, which are… Kinda short, once again. I need to come up with something new! Something exciting that’ll make these news more interesting. There has to be something. Maybe if I released a Paul Sim every week? I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Well, enough joking around! I’ll see you next week, stay safe!

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