Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

So, for those who haven’t read the Discord announcement, what has been posted on April 1st was, of course, an April fools. I’m still working on this VN every single day, so no worries! Also… There will be no weekly news next week, as I’m gonna have to take a break for a week or so. Personnal stuff, yaddie yadda.

I’m gonna recover some inspiration to increase my rhythm even more when I’ll be back, no worries!

This week, not many news in the writing field (I mean… The same as usual, I guess you’re pretty much getting used to it by now). However, Cloudi has made some considerable progress in the creation of the sprites for the visual novel! I can’t show you anything as of now, of course, but we’re proud of how things are going right now.

Now, the numbers! You’ll notice not much has changed compared to last week, since there was a lot of pre-planning this week (I have to ready a big chunk of the game, so I’m making sure all the notes are good to go to have a smooth experience writing what comes next.

We currently have 512.000 words for about 97.000 lines. Hey, we’ve passed half a million! I can’t wait to actually reach the 1M mark… And soon, the 100k lines mark, too!

Aaand here comes the long awaited Concrete Information Corner! More info about the characters 😉

Today’s character is going to be Tsujii Tasuku!

Tsujii is a generally slow and nice guy. He doesn’t really want to take part in any kind of drama: he’s the type of guy that just reads a book during the lunch break. He’s not really good with social relations, so he doesn’t really know how to handle other people. He doesn’t like classes that much, hence the fact that he can always be found wandering around aimlessly, with his typical pokerface.

Here we go! As I said, no news next week, but I’ll keep you updated in two weeks 😉

Thank you for your support, and if you need anything, let me know on social media!

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