Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

Technically, these news have been released on the 10th, but we’ll still say they’ve been released on a Monday, because it’s the intention that counts. It’s only 1AM here, and the unspoken rule says that if you don’t go to sleep, the next day doesn’t come yet. All of that to say I’M ON TIME!

Anyway, let’s try and be more serious here.

As always, I’m working hard on the writing of the game. As I’ve stated on Twitter this week, I’ve realized that this project has been a major part of my life for the past two years, and I still find it as incredible as ever. I mean, I had the time to graduate, move out and discover a ton of things while I’ve been working on SAFE. What I really like about it is that I’ll be able to share with you a project that’s basically a part of me, and as a developer and a story teller, that makes me really happy.

Enough rambling, and let’s move on to factual stuff. There are 8 in-game days left before I’m done writing the entire VN. I’ll soon be able to take care of the many tasks I’ve added to my Trello scrumboard… Such as bug fixing. We currently have 1800 (registered) bugs. I don’t know how many unregistered ones we have. I’ll be counting on  you all to report the ones I may miss, because you can imagine I won’t be able to test every single case in the game. (Steam early access is a possibility, who knows?)

Stats time! And that’s actually bad news time.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been using a web app I’ve developed for my personal use called GUtil to log my daily lines and information about my progress. The database was hosted on a website dedicated to providing free databases. Turns out, a week ago, the website went unresponsive and I still have no news as of now. Basically, all the data may be lost. Sweet. Absolutely amazing.

Meaning today’s line count might be a bit wrong, but if I had to base my guesstimation on the news from two weeks ago, we’d currently have 350.000 lines. As for the word count, that’s automatically calculated by Lint, so I can say we have exactly 1,681,817 words.

No concrete information corner this week, as I want to wait a little to drop more information. The remaining things I want to tell you are super important in the story, so I really want to make sure I’m not gonna be telling too much. Come on, one more week isn’t that much when you’ve been waiting for two years 😉

Anyway, this is it for this week! As always, thanks for everything, and see you next week!

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