Hey everyone, CykaDev here.

Yup, on time. If you consider the fact that the news shifted from Sundays to Mondays, I’m on time. I feel like it’s better for me to publish them on Mondays, since I have a very slight tendency to be late on Sundays.

Today’s news will be rather brief. I don’t have that many things to say (at least, about the game itself) and to be honest, as of now I’m exhausted and my bed is calling me.

Things are going as well as ever, if not better. My break has started over a week ago, and I’ve been able to work more daily. I’m reaching the very end of the 4th “route” (I might be done in two or three days), and I’m excited to let the team playtest it for a bit. It’ll be your turn soon, don’t worry. Sometime this year. We’ve come all this way, there’s not a lot of waiting left!

Statistics, here they come:

We currently have 1.610.000 words for about 331.500 lines. We’re nearing the 2M milestone, and to be honest, I do think we’ll be able to reach it, at this rate! Poor Sakura’s gonna have way too much work…

Now, I know the most interesting part of these news is generally the concrete information corner, but today, I want to dedicate this part of the post to something else.

The ones who saw me on Discord and Twitter today probably already know what I’m going to talk about, but I wanted to dedicate something to someone today.

This morning, Qing Han, mostly known as Qinni (@QinniArt) on Twitter, unexpectedly passed away during her battle against stage 4 cancer. While I did not know her personally, she has always been someone I looked up to on an artistic and human level. She has been the first artist I’ve been actively following, and no matter what piece she’d be working on, I’d still find it incredible. I even have a canvas with one of her artworks on one of my walls. If you haven’t before, check out her work. It’s worth your time.

This may not be much, but I wanted to dedicate today’s post to her. As I said today, while she isn’t eternal, her art and the memories we have of her are, and will remain in our hearts. It was too soon for her to go, but knowing that she doesn’t have to suffer anymore should help soothe the pain.

This one’s for you, Qing. Rest in peace.

This is it for this week. Sorry if it wasn’t much, but next week’s news will be a little better.

See you next week, everyone. I promise things will be more cheerful next time <3

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