Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

Guess what? I didn’t keep my promise and I couldn’t publish the news yesterday. Sorry about that, maybe one day that bad habit of mine will be fixed. Maybe.

What’s new  this week? The same as usual, plus some minor details and information I just wanted to share with you all.

Firstly, I’ll be starting classes again tomorrow. You expected me to say that would diminish the amount of writing I can do, but it was me, Dio but I’ll be keeping up the same rhythm, as I’ve gotten used to it, and I want to catch up on the writing I couldn’t do during my break.

In other random news, I got to participate in my first ever anime-themed convention this weekend (yeah. Shame on me for not going before, I know) and I will definitely be trying to participate in this kind of event as a developer whenever I can. Since I own a registered company, it should be easier to try and get a stall, so it would really be great to meet new players and get people to know about what we’re doing! Also, little shout-out to the DDLC cosplayers I came across there. You guys really made my day!

Now, what about talking about the serious stuff, like… I don’t know, the VN we’re working on? That’s kind of the point of these news, huh.

STATS TIME! You missed them, didn’t you? I know you didn’t, but I’ll pretend you did, because this is the only way for me to know progress is happening. Probably. And on a more serious note, we really are progressing! I estimate that the writing might be done really soon (compared to the time you’ve had  to wait up until now. I know I keep saying that, but that proves the estimation doesn’t really change over time), so we can look forward to that. Anyway, we have 1.153.000 words for about 236.000 lines right now! Will we reach 2M words? Maybe. Not sure. Probably not.

Oh, yeah, about the CykaDev website, I realized anyone can easily delete data because I was dumb enough to leave a security breach in some of my files. My mistake, I’ll try to fix it ASAP and to finally make it available!

That’s it for this week! I don’t think I need to tell you how grateful I am, so this will suffice ❤

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