Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

First off, I’m really sorry for being one day late, again. I do have a valid reason this time, which is (of course) linked to the recent events regarding the coronavirus. Information was dropped like a nuke for the French people yesterday, and I was busy figuring out a lot of things for the next few weeks.

So yeah, let’s move on to a big summary of what’s been happening lately!

To start  this, I’ll just mention the fact that I’m legally obligated to stay at home for a minimum of 15 days without any social interaction (just like the rest of the French population). While that really does suck, it also means I have a lot of extra time on my hands  to work on Seikatsu, and that means we might see more progress as time goes by!

Enough about the big bad virus, let’s move on to the actual information of these weekly news: how’s the development going?

To be honest, really well, as always! We have about 6 in-game days left to write, and it’s always awesome to realize we’re so close to the end considering the 57 initial days we had planned. The word count keeps increasing, and at the same time, my guilt for making Maggie proofread all that is increasing.

Last time, I mentioned that I had lost my personal database, logging all the information about my progress on the writing. Thankfully, I managed to get it back! I saved everything locally on my computer, so I’m just gonna rely on my own stuff from now on. It’s safer when I’m dealing with two years worth of data, you know?

About data, let’s talk about the stats, shall we?

As of now, we have 1.701.000 words for 349.000 lines. I know, my estimation from last week was totally off, but hey, what was I supposed to do? I’m nothing without my graphs and my overly complicated stats.

As I said last week, I wanted to wait a little bit more to give  you more information regarding the game! The Concrete Information Corner is back, baby.

When we thought about this game, we really wanted it to be something different. We wanted it to differ from the usual VN stereotypes, with the same old “routes” system. That’s why we created PD’s (Personality Developments): there are five PD’s in total. Instead of focusing on other characters, these “routes” focus on the protagonist: depending on the choices you make, you’ll get to see life through a very different point of view in all five PD’s. Your relationships with other characters are impacted too, but the protagonist really is the main focus of the story. Enough with the dating sims already!

Anyway, that’s it for this week! Thanks for reading through this, lots of love, stay safe, and see you next week <3

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