Hi everyone, I’m CykaDev.

I apologize for the delay, once again. I’ve been accumulating exhaustion and I’ve had a tough time catching up, so here I am one day late. The classic.

I’m going to start off by saying that I sadly could not finish the day I was working on last week. As I said, it’s hard catching up, and I’m super disappointed in the (little) work I could get done in the past week. So I’m going to try and make these news as interesting as possible with an interesting article regarding clams and the way they reproduce.

Encased in a hard shell, brainless and possessing only a single limb (a retractable foot that looks like a tongue), clams seem like a species for which reproduction would be– I apologize, I’m getting off-track here.

Now more seriously, I’m reaching about 75% of Day 8 in the Hope PD. The rest should be rather easy to finish, and I’ll DEFINITELY be done with it by next week (you’re free to quote me if I’m not). Also, I’ve been giving some thought about a special project for next month. Most of you know about it already, but if you don’t, make sure to hop in our Discord server and ask about a certain Christophe.

In other (random) news, I’ve recently decided to listen to the Seikatsu OST I readied over two years ago, simply because I hadn’t heard it since then. I didn’t remember the songs I had chosen, and I was pleasantly surprised and relaxed while listening to them. I’m thinking maybe I’ll release a few of them on our YouTube channel one of these days, since our most popular video is by far the DDRC soundtrack.

Anyway, I’m reaching the end of these news. Nothing much to add other than I hope this week will be easier.

Have a good one and see you next week.

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