Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

It’s January 21st and I officially am publishing the second news post of the year. Which should actually be the third or the fourth, but let’s not sweat the details.

And to be more serious, there’s been a reason to my relative absence to social media. Right now in my university there’s a this huge thing everyone hates called exams, and it’s quite a bother to deal with. Now, I don’t hate exams, but I do hate how little time it leaves me to be efficient and interact with you all. And, incidentally, to work on my damn game.

But hey, let’s not dwell in this forever, and let’s try to look at the future. Starting next week, I’ll be on a one month break. I do have a part time job during that time (because I need some money to, like, eat until CykaDev makes me live), but it leaves me some time to work on the game. And by some time, I mean long nights of coffee, jazz and tip-tapping on my keyboard. That’s the work ambiance I need.

Enough about this! Let’s move on to the actual subject of the news. The stats first, and then, some concrete information about the game, because as I said, I can finally share some more here. Not everything, but a little bit more.

Stats time: We currently have 1.545.000 words for about 318.000 lines. I don’t know if that’s a huge difference compared to last time, and quite honestly, I don’t want to check. I know it’s going to ruin my motivation because I lost time with these exams 🙁


Our visual novel, as I said, aims to break the general “VNs are eroge” stereotype. That’s not new, but I want to say that this particular game is heavily focused on interaction problems and handicaps. Not saying much more, but you can expect a point of view you weren’t expecting to see in a video game. I hope.

Anyway, this is it. Thanks a lot for your attention, I hope to see you next week, I apologize for the delays. I think that’s it.

See you next week!

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