Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

Welcome to the Not So Weekly News. Don’t be afraid, I’m resuming my normal posting rhythm starting today. The break was intentional.

So, how have you guys been doing? I’ve been on a three week break, as some of you may have read on Discord and Twitter, and to be honest, that was the best choice I made in the last year. Well, maybe not, but you get my point.

I feel like I really needed this break, because Seikatsu and the insane amount of different projects I had (mainly for engineering school) were too much to handle. I was going crazy and my work efficiency just started free falling.

So it was a refreshing break! I got to enjoy the beach, to not do anything, and to relax and reflect upon my work ethics and whatnot. I’m proud to say nothing changed with my work ethics! I’ll be working even harder from now on, because I feel like I can take on any obstacle that may arise while I’ll be working on what’s left of the re-reading.

Speaking of which, I started re-reading the script again today! I’m done re-reading day 3 of the Loneliness PD, and it only took a day when it should’ve taken two. I’m fairly confident, I believe I might be done with the re-reading soon enough.

Speaking of re-reading and whatnot, we might need a second proofreader soon enough! I say “might”  because it’ll depend on what Sakura says, but stay tuned for that. I’ll post an announcement this week with more details depending on how things go.

El has been working on the sprites on his side, and I gotta say they look absolutely awesome. I can’t show you anything yet because I haven’t added the sprites in game, but that’ll come soon! All I can say is the art style for this Visual Novel is going to be unique, and I just love the fact Seikatsu has such a unique identity.

Anyway, I think this is it for this week! I’m glad to be back here and back to work. There’s a lot left to do, but we’re steadily going at it.

See you next week, I love you all <3

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