Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

Today’s news are a little special. We’re not going to be talking about the game that much (you’ll just get your usual stats, no worries~).

We won’t be having our usual news today, because… Today is DDLC’s second anniversary!


I know, it may seem a bit weird to wish a game’s birthday, there’s a reason behind that. DDLC has been the start of an amazing adventure for us all, and while I’m clearly wishing a birthday to a game, that means I also congratulate Dan Salvato (and the ones who contributed to the project) with all my heart. You guys created something you can truly be proud of, and I will never be grateful enough for the experience you brought upon this community.

For the little backstory, back when I played DDLC, I was a mess, and I saw no point in life whatsoever. Some friends forced me to play it, and honestly, it just made me feel worse when I finished it. I mean, I expected something wholesome, goddamnit!

But… It wasn’t long before I actually understood the point behind some of the elements there were in that game. I was soon very intrigued by the characters’ mindsets and the setting in which the game took place. One thing led to another and DDRC was born. And there was D²DLC in the meantime, but we don’t talk about this one.

I truly believed this would be it and that people would either disregard or hate the content I created, because I am nowhere as good as modern writers or game developers. After all, who was I to just barge in and claim I wrote a game using another perspective?

Yet, you were all so supportive, and you all appreciated my work. Honestly, I never would’ve thought about working on my own project one day, yet look at me now… And this is all thanks to DDLC, and to you all. DDLC has a special place in my heart, and I’m truly proud I could be part of such a community, despite all the things that happened. Even if I end up being forgotten, if our projects fail, or if CykaDev disappears, this will have been a truly special experience for me, and I will not forget. Thank you, Dan. Satchely. Everyone.

Alright, now that I’m teary eyed, let me write down some quick stats, before making some coffee and getting back to work!

We have 1.201.275 words for now, with about 246.000 lines. I’ve been writing more and more lines, and my corkboard’s so full of notes I’m pretty sure pages will be laying on the floor soon.

That’s it! Sorry for hijacking this post with a story and birthday wishes, but I wanted to express this. It’s okay once in a while, right? Even more so when my news are on time. 😉

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  • September 22, 2019 at 10:44 pm
    happy birthday miss ddlc! hope this will be as a huge thing as ddlc it self!

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