Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev!

And I’m on time. I can confirm that writing my news on Tuesdays is much easier for me, so that’s what I’m going to do from now on.

Time for the news!

Let me start with the obligatory “Still in lockdown”. It’s supposedly going to last until December 1st, but we should know if it’s going to last longer rather soon. Even though I can get a lot of work done, I have to admit it’s starting to take its toll on my general mood, so I hope we’ll be out of these bad days as soon as possible.

Anyway, let’s talk about the actually interesting stuff: how’s the game going?

As I said I would last week, I finally finished the third day of the Hope PD. I’ve already started working on the fourth one (today, actually) and I feel like from now on, it’s only going to get harder to proofread considering all the little details and choices I wrote. I kinda hate myself for not making my future tasks easier, but hey, at least I still have something to do.

I should hopefully be done with Day 4 sometime this week, but don’t be surprised if I’m still working on it by next Tuesday. This is the biggest route and I want it to look like what I had in mind.

If you’re wondering about the demo I keep mentioning, I’m sorry for disappointing you, but we won’t have any news for you this week. I’m still readying some things, and since I want the demo to be an actual mini-VN rather than a piece of the existing game, I have to think about what I’m going to write. Fear not, I haven’t forgotten about it, though.

So yeah, that’s it for this week. Stay safe everyone.

See you next week!

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