Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

I’m one day late. Do I need to make a comment about this? I believe I don’t. Perfect.

We’re still going with the new screenshot format with 4 a week, and yes, these all happen in a row. So like, maybe you can get a bit more context from what we’re publishing every week, because I realize most of the screenshots we uploaded a while back did not make much sense when taken out of their context… I just can’t wait for you all to actually discover why X or Y happens!

But in order for you to finally discover the game, we have to finish it. And that’s why these news are here. To keep you updated.

So, what have we done this week? The answer is… Same as always. I’ve actually gotten quite a lot of work done, though! More than usual, if my memory serves me right. I am currently re-reading day 3 of the Loneliness Route/PD, and it takes me  on average two IRL days per in-game day. That might change, but I like the way things are going right now.

As for the proofreading, we have yet to start that. I’ll keep you updated when we do!

And finally… There’s one thing I believe I did not tell you, despite a lot of you asking about it. HERE COMES THE GOOD OLD CIC MY FRIENDS!

You’ve been asking how Haruno, our protagonist, can interact with other people. I don’t know if you’ve noticed in our screenshots, but you’ll often see italic text which symbolizes sign language in the game. However, when this italic text is surrounded by ‘single quotes’, it means the protagonist is communicating through written media (such has her phone or a notebook). Of course, it goes without saying that when there’s no formatting, you’re just in the protagonist’s thoughts. Nothing new here.

Anyway, this is it for this week! I hope these were refreshing. I had fun writing them, they’re a bit more interesting than usual.

See you next week and stay safe!

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