Hey everyone, I’m CykaDev!

Not on time. I lost.
Well, technically, I am on time. But I did forget to post last week, so… Very sorry about that!

You’ll notice there’s only one screenshot today. I don’t have much battery left on my laptop and I’m not at home, so I just couldn’t boot up Photoshop. Sorry :'(

The past two weeks have been rather uneventful, as I’ve had a lot to do with engineering school and whatnot. However, I can now say summer break has started. Good Lord, I’ve been waiting for this…

Now, about SAFE itself, I’m a bit disappointed to tell you progress hasn’t been that crazy. I’ve managed to get through the first day of the Love PD, but this one might take a while to finish, as there are a lot of variations to re-read. I’m starting to really miss writing, actually 🙁

One last thing: I’ll be on break for the next two weeks! I technically have a month of summer break, so I’d like to use a bit of that time to see my family and relax a bit. Fear not, I still love this project as much I did two years ago, and I’m still willing to progress at a stable pace.

Aaand that’s it for this week!

I’ll see you in two weeks! Stay safe and stay awesome <3

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