Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

Wait. Wait, what? Could this be… Could this actually be it? The prophecy was right. At some point, it was bound to happen… I didn’t want to believe it either, I really didn’t, but it seems like it’s the case. Whether you believe me or not is your choice, but you have to know this one thing… The weekly news are on time. On. Time. Unbelievable.

Well actually, there’s a reason why they’re on time, and it’s fairly simple. My summer break has started a few days ago and I am finally free of exams and stressful daily tasks that took away my pleasure of writing this VN! I am now free and able to work on CykaDev related stuff all day long, as much as I want.

I just came back from a little vacation to the beachside, which was extremely relaxing and refreshing. I feel better than ever and I’m ready to get an insane amount of work done! Actually, I already started today. I’m planning to dedicate a minimum of ten hours a day to the writing of the game, during the entirety of the summer break! Hopefully, that’ll get a good bit of the writing done, and I’ll be able to get to the refining stage by the end of September.

So yeah, as I said, I was able to get back to work today, with a starting score of 30.000 words. In a single day. Which is about 5.000 lines. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even bother counting them as I was writing, because I just felt that burst of inspiration I haven’t had in a while. The one I had while I was writing DDNE, or when I started this project. It’s extremely refreshing!

Now, the statistics! Of course, there hasn’t been anything crazy in the past two weeks, considering my absence, but we did reach 185.000 lines for 925.000 words. I just cannot wait to see how far we’re gonna go during this break! I’m really fired up, for some reason.

Anyway, this is it for today’s news.  You now know why I couldn’t post last week, what’s gonna happen during the next month, and what to expect from the team. I hope you’re still following the project, and that you’re as eager to discover it as I am to publish it.

Thanks for the support. I’m still as thankful as ever! I’ll see you guys in the next weekly news, which may, according to the prophecy, be on time.

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  • JustGetMiddleParted
    July 28, 2019 at 11:42 pm
    Just like Streaz once said: "We can bang any banger 10 times better when we're free" Enjoy your vacation, bud!
  • Hogachu
    July 29, 2019 at 12:57 am
    On vois que tu es motivé et que tu réussiras ton jeu juste une chose importante ne te bousille pas ta santé sinon je te bute 😂 sinon bon courage a toi 😊

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