Hey everyone, CykaDev here!

Okay, I’m one day late again. I’ll be honest here, I totally forgot about the weekly news and I’m terribly sorry about it! I had a rather busy week… I’ll let you know in a second.

First of all, you may notice that this week’s picture isn’t the same as usual. And you’d be right, because this clearly doesn’t look like our (placeholder) VN… Unless we’re trying out a new experimental style which we are clearly not doing.
No, actually, what you are seeing right now is a picture of my office (Yup. My office, also known as the little spot in my apartment in which I spend my days writing). Now, what is there to see on it? I’m really sorry, it’s blurred, because all of the sheets you can see are my notes for the VN. Yeah, you’re looking at the entirety of the story… For now, because that’s only like one third of it. This corkboard isn’t gonna be enough to keep everything.

I just wanted to show you these in order to give a sense of scale about the project. These notes are logical trees, containing a bunch of precious information I use when I’m writing the game. It helped me find my way more times than I can count!

As for the progress this week, as I said earlier, the week was really busy. I have officially finished writing three of the fifteen endings, and it’s incredibly harder than I imagined to keep up with everything. Sadly, I cannot disclose any more information… Just know that this is a rather big turning point in the development!

Stats time! We have finally reached over 600.000 words for 114.000 lines. That also means we have exceeded 40 hours of playtime if for whatever reason you decided to play through every single scene… That’s gigantic. How did we even reach this point? Feels like we started working on this project a week ago.

Last but not least, time for the Concrete Information Corner! Last time, you got to know about Tsujii Tasuku. Today, it’s Yashiro Harumi‘s turn!

Yashiro is actually a pretty popular guy, but not among girls: he’s seen as a role model by most of his male classmates, as he’s always willing to risk things in order to help his friends. He’s a good student, but he seems a little cold at first glance, as he’s never really focused. It looks like he genuinely doesn’t give a single fuck. (Yes. This was worded the same in the pre-development file I wrote, and I had totally forgotten I had done that.)

Note that as the development of the game goes, a lot of the character traits change and the personalities we initially described aren’t the same. That’s why you’ll probably notice a few… Drastic changes. Surprise surprise!

Anyways, that’s it for today’s news. Finishing these three endings really gave me a motivation boost and I just cannot wait to share this game with you all… Over one year of daily hard work! Dear God, please make it so that we don’t get forgotten in the deep Steam abyss.

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  • Zen Tabachi
    April 29, 2019 at 10:15 pm
    I just recently joined the Cyka server on Discord for the sole reson to voice chat with someone. I didn't even know what kind of server it was. But the people roughly explained it's a server from people who are developing a new game that harbours a lot of decitions thatcan have an alternative endi g.that is epic. As well as the idea of it being a very realistic game, based on things that could happen in real lifw. That is crazy man. And now that I read this Newspaper .. I can't help but feel very very very happy for you and co. It'm excited out of nowhere and that is the best part about this. It's already amazing as it is, how is it going to be when it's done? All I know it's going to be the best! Props dude! Zen Tabachi out!

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